Flora Eming

Master in Education Management

PhD in Economics

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  • 1-855-606-6766
  • www.rfu.education

Profile Overview

Flora Eming teaches in the area of Education Management at River Field University. She is one of the famous education management specialists who have earned considerable fame and recognition in her chosen field of expertise and now owns more than 8 years of unmatched experience in teaching education managment. She has spent more than three years at RFU and known for her meticulous teaching skills and span of knowledge that has benefitted our students to become the most competitive education management experts.

Area of Expertise

Flora Eming is a highly qualified and experienced assistant professor who takes great interest in teaching:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Secondary School Administration
  • College Education Management
  • Online Education Management

All Publications

She is the author of more than 15 books in several areas of her chosen field of study which includes but not limited to:

  • Modern Day Challenges in Education
  • Education Management and Students' Changing Perceptions
  • The Primary Role of Education Management
  • Becoming a Leader in Education Management

In addition to these and many more textbooks, she has also contributed her knowledge and experience to the international journal of Education. With almost 25+ publications she is one of the prominent assistant professors at River Field University.

Events and Contributions

While serving as an assistant professor of Education Management at River Field University, Flora Eming is also known for her participation and guest speaker contribution in several global seminars, webinars, conferences, and events in the area of Education Management. In addition to that, she contributes as a significant personality in the River Field University Annual Education Management Seminar.

Current Works

Flora Eming is widely known for her previous works in the field of Education Management and currently heads a comprehensive research project in Education Management at River Field University.

Awards and Recognition