Edward Andrews

Professor School of Social Services

PhD in Social Services

  • edwardandrews@rfu.education
  • 1-855-606-6766
  • www.rfu.education

Profile Overview

Edward Andrews teaches in the area of Social Sciences at River Field University. He is one of the industry's best minds and owns more than 9 years of experience in teaching Social Sciences. He has been working at RFU since 2015 and have emerged as one of the most productive and enthusiastic faculty members in River Field University School of Social Sciences.

Area of Expertise

Edward Andrews is a highly qualified and experienced professor who takes great interest in teaching:

  • Economic and Social Mobility
  • Child support
  • Income security policy
  • Responsible Fatherhood

All Publications

He is the author of more than 45 books in several areas of his chosen field of study which includes but not limited to:

  • Effects of Low-wage labor markets
  • Urban poverty and modern-day economics
  • Socioeconomic disorders and solutions
  • Your role as a social sciences student

In addition to these and many more textbooks, he is a prominent personality among the global research community for social sciences. With almost 55+ publications he is well-known for his past research works and contributions globally.

Events and Contributions

While serving as a professor of Social Sciences at River Field University, Edward Andrews is known as one of the most prominent guest speakers for numerous international seminars and conferences in the field of Social Sciences.

Current Works

Edward Andrews is involved in a comprehensive research project that highlights the issue of equal distribution of employment opportunities in developing countries.

Awards and Recognition